More things I didn't know

... like how to use a Tic-Tac container:

and how to use a ketchup cup ....

Thanks Foodbeast, for seeting me straight!


New pricing at the ROM

Did you know that about nine months ago, the Royal Ontario Museum reduced it's admission prices?  I didn't.

Have a look a their new price press release.




Mr. Rogers v2.0 - Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

From YouTube:

There will never be another Fred Rogers. His legacy continues with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, a new show coming to PBS KIDS this fall.
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Fresh basil flavour burst!

Am I the last one on the planet to add garden fresh basil leaves to my sandwich in addition to the usual fixins?




Expecto patronum!

Hoping to create a birthday event worthy of the Patronus Charm, but don't know what a Patronus Charm is?

Not to worry.  There are some terrific resources out there for creating a very Harry Potter birthday!  Check out these Potter-themed fonts for your invitations too.  My favourites are Harry Potter and Wizards Magic.

Make the day a magical one!