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Pumpkin carving for easy candle access [rerun]

[originally posted Oct 27, 2008]

Have you ever burned your hand trying to get a candle in or out of a jack-o'-lantern? Try cutting your pumpkin 'lid' a little differently.


  • pumpkin
  • carving knife

  • Prep the pumpkin for carving.


  • Mark where you're going to cut the 'lid.' The front (shown as top of the photo) will be a semi-circle, while the back will extend all the way down the back of the pumpkin.


  • Using your favourite method, clean out and carve the pumpkin.


  • Now you're able to put a candle in through the back of the pumpkin, with much less risk of getting burned!

    pumpkin_carving_04 pumpkin_carving_05

[Remember to keep children away from lit flames and matches!]

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Law of parking

Is there a law of parking that states "no matter where you park in an empty parking lot, another car will quickly come in and park so close to you that you can barely open your door wide enough to get out of your vehicle?"

There should be.

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Car seats for big kids

Is your child:

  • heavier than their peers, and you feel uncomfortable putting them in a car booster seat at such a young age?
  • too tall to stay in their car seat but too light to go in a car booster seat?
  • so precious to you that even though they meet the specifications of using a car booster seat, you wish to keep them in a five-point harness?
If you answered yes, to any of the above questions you are going to need to find a special car seat for big kids.

With the help of the kind folks at Transport Canada, here's a list of seats that may be useful to you.

Car seats for big kids comparison
Britax FrontierApex Safety 1stGraco Nautilus
5pt specs


booster specs40-100lbs
additional notes

- "no tangle" belts
- side impact protection
- quick
adjust headrest (harness repositions w/o rethreading)

- converts to backless booster

This information is provided for your convenience. Confirm details with product manufacter and Transport Canada.

If you have questions about child safety or other road safety issues, please contact Transport Canada directly.


Mabel awards

Oscars, Tonys, stand aside boys! Here are The Mabels!

This one's for you, our wonderful, loyal customers! We're celebrating those of you who have been with us the longest, spread the word about us online and off, or who simply use our products in marvellous ways.

Each of the five winners will receive a $100 Mabel's Labels' gift certificate and a set of 45 limited edition sticky labels (not sold anywhere!). Plus, those with blogs, Twitter pages and websites will be eligible to display a graphic of their 'Mabel' Award online.

Read all the details here.

Deadline for entries is midnight EST, November 1st, 2009.




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MLF&H: Holiday gift tags are back!

For every order of holiday products, the Mabel team will make a donation to a local family in need of support this holiday season.

Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Perfect for the holiday you celebrate! Gift Tags are round tags that are personalized with any information or message you like.

Added bonus: If your kids think that your handwriting looks similar to Santa's, keep them on their toes by getting St. Nick a set of these labels!

Designed to stick to presents, Holiday Gift Tags come in four great designs: Festive Forest, Holly Jolly, Twinkle Twinkle and Winter Wonderland.

Available until December 31st, 2009.

Personalized Holiday Return Address Labels
By popular demand, Holiday Return Address Labels are back in a fun snowflake design. Printed on evergreen, rosy red or winter night with white writing. Colours sold separately or in a mixed pack.

Available until December 31st, 2009.