Baby Bam-Bam

To make a theme out of things, I went and found this image of Bam-bam from here


Here's my first go-round.


As with the first Pebbles attempt I noticed:
  • I make the cheeks larger than they are in the original
  • I make the features (eyes, nose etc) larger than in the original

So. Overlay with Photoshop and back to fix the image.


Much better. See for yourself!



Dance, drawings, dance!

This very cool toy created by motion designer Masayuki Kido allows you to draw a two-dimensional character and then it "animates" it for you! First seen at Drawn.ca. Apparently, I didn't understand that you had to draw within the person shaped frame... which is why the character has a square head and only stumps for hands!

I'm having problems embedding the video in IE (Firefox worked like a charm), so here's a direct link to mine.