How Inspiring

I was excited to discover that Brigindo, nominated my Doodle Blog for an Inspiration Award! With recognition comes responsibility. Specifically, rules.

Mel's rules:

  1. Please put the logo of the award (see right) on your blog if you can make it work with your format.
  2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
  3. Nominate 7 or more blogs.
  4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
  5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

My award recipients:
  1. Falling down is also a gift - Moreena tells her story of mothering a youngster who has required multiple liver transplants. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, her posts are thought provoking and straight from the heart.

  2. Postcards from the Mothership - Dani writes about the trials and tribulations of being the only double X chromosome lifeform in her five person household. Whether it's the quest for the perfect nanny or the latest highlight of raising three boys, Dani's sure to put a smile on my face!

  3. Martinis for Milk - Nadine keeps us informed of the ins and outs of the balancing act required to be a mom of two, a wife and a career woman. Her posts are often humourous and never dull!

  4. zoopolis - Andrea has been a professional environmentallist for over 15 years. I'm bound to get an education as I read the knowledge that Andrea imparts!

  5. Non-Stick Plans - Michael is an awesomely talented illustrator with a wicked sense of humour!

  6. Daily MVillos - Another Michael. This one shares the thought process around his ideas, the process and often the internal struggle inherent in his artwork.

  7. Dead Things on Sticks - Denis, a Toronto based television screenwriter, toils day and night to make the Canadian television industry a better place. He has thought provoking insights into an industry about which I know very little.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, lee. You're so kind.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet of you! It comes with great timing, too, when I am faltering in my bloggy confidence. It'll be a while before I come up with my seven to nominate, but in the meanwhile thank you for thinking of me. I'm honoured to be among such great bloggers!

Lee said...

Andrea and Dani: I can't think of two more awesome, inspiring or deserving people!